About Us

EndlessOne Global Inc., is an international tier one payment card issuer, processor and a banking software company. We create and organize new card programs and design and issue plastic white-label payment card services. We have patented security features and proprietary software for payment processing. We operate and manage servers, for all forms of cards, with money networks. EndlessOne Global provides full service white label card programs and is the leader in debit card technology innovation. EndlessOne Global moves money all around the world, in any currency, faster and safer than anyone else can.

. . . the Possibilities are Endless.

Who We Are

We create all the different types of debit cards, that you can use everyday. We solved the security issues to protect money and move lots of it around the world, FAST! We have registered international patents on banking software with award-winning safety features. We are licensed and authorized with the money networks and sponsoring banks around the world. We are the only internationally operating and approved processor and issuer of cards. We have eGlobalBank and eWallet banking software that allows even the un-bankable the ability and freedom to manage their money. We give the Debit Card instant virtual checking accounts and bank routing numbers. We offer real rewards, discounts, and incentives for the user, giving the debit card more value than its cost. We make our cards easily available to the millions of un-bankable. We are an international financial institution working with money networks, sponsoring banks and corporations.

Be your own Bank

With multi-currency functionality and processing, using next generation methods, the eGlobalBank contains as many accounts as necessary and handles all debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, rewards, points, crypto-currencies and more. We have taken the eWallet to the next level with our new eGlobalBank System. With multi-currency functionality, our banking software provides all the necessary processing using next generation methods and technology.

Where We Are Now

EndlessOne Global is in Canada, The United States of America, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Japan and New Zealand. More offices and ambassadors are being carefully selected. Our goal is to be in over 100 countries by the end of 2014. We are well on our way, with new team members of very high caliber,vision and integrity joining daily.

. . .And we have only just begun!

Where We Are Going...

The payment card industry is rapidly transforming and the best banking software is crucial to meet and take advantage of the opportunities and challenges in this revolution. EndlessOne Global has successfully established the best banking software with fully integrated services in the market. EndlessOne Global holds award-winning, patented security features that have been recognized by Fortune 100 companies with offers to purchase. We take pride in giving our valued customers the peace of mind to manage their monies safely and securely.

. . . EndlessOne Global is not for Sale.