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5 Reasons To Choose Megalinx Hosting

1. We offer niche hosting solutions. Many host providers offer baloated hosting packages, packed with features that you don't need. These added applications slow down your website, take up space, and put an extra load on the servers. We run only what is needed to provide the best possible service at the most affordable price. We only run the following services on our Web Servers:

  • FTP Server
  • Webhosting Administrator
  • IIs (Windows)
  • Apache (Linux)
  • Coldfusion 8
  • PHP 5
  • ASP (Windows only)
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Firewall

Database, DNS, and email are on seperate servers

2. We don't promise you the world and then let you down. In todays market, there are a lot of web hosting providers, and they are cutting each others throats just to try to get your business. They offer to-good-to-be-true hosting packages with 'unlimited diskspace', and 'unlimited bandwidth', when there is truly no such thing. These are just scams designed to lure you in and take your hard-earned cash. Often times they have complicated user agreements, and if you end up using too much bandwidth or too much diskspace they will remove your website without any notice. Furthermore, they will usually load your website on a server already overcrowded with other websites. At Megalinx, we structure our prices so that they are not only affordable, but so that we can mantain quality hosting for our clients. We also give you the ability to control almost every aspect of your website with a website control panel.

3. We do not outsource anything: We are located in the United States, and provide customer service to our clients right here in the United States and we intend to keep it that way. Many large hosting companies offer 24/7 support, but when you call you actually are getting an outsourced customer service center. Usually the representative you speak with knows nothing about your website and is just there to handle billing and general questions. This is why they always end up transfering your trouble support ticket or telephone call to a "technician". At Megalinx, we are ALL technicians, and we are required to be familiar with both HTML, Coldfusion, and PHP so we can better assist you with questions you might have.

4. We offer affordable Coldfusion, PHP, and ASP hosting on Linux and Windows Servers (ASP only available on Windows). Most webhosting providers give you either Linux or Windows, but we give you a choice. Some websites need to run on a Windows server and others will want to run their site on a Linux server. You can choose either, and the price is the same! The rates we charge are based on comparable solutions online, designed to keep our company profitable and keep your website running! Be careful when selecting a low-cost webhosting provider. Web hosting companies can go under without any notice, leaving your website in Limbo and your Domain out of your control!

5. Customized Solutions and Assistance: Coldfusion developers often times need custom tags installed. Most inexpensive, large host providers will not install custom tags, because either they do not want to spend the time to do it or they do not have the expertise to be able to do it. Most hosting providers do not have a staff knowlegable in the services they offer. For instance, if you need custom PHP or custom Coldfusion programming done, you have to go out and find an expensive firm to assist you. We have programmers in house that can assist you and provide custom programming solutions to meet your needs, and if you host with us, we provide these services at a discount. Contact us for a price quote.




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