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Build an online store without paying monthly hosting fees!

Are you wanting to starting selling products online? Do you need an affordable solution? Our ecommerce solution is the perfect opportunity for you!

We charge $0 for hosting an online store. How do we get away with it? Well, unlike other ecommerce solution providers we do not expect you to pay big money each month just for the privilage of selling a few products from an online store. No, we want you to succeed so we have developed a system in which everyone benefits, including us (of course) if you succeed.

Here is how it works:

You signup for an online store at Megalinx Mall. You can list your store in the categories to help boost traffic to your site. You pay just a one-time setup fee and start building your store when you have the time. We provide support, so if you have any questions just ask. Once you are ready to start selling, you promote your online store and start making sales. We charge no listing fees for any products in your store and you can list hundreds of them i you want. We do not have restrictions. You use whatever payment processor you want (as long as we support it; we are adding more all the time so if yours is not supported please request it).

The only thing we charge you is a small 1.9% per sale transaction fee (equals only about $1.90 per $100 in sales), which we will bill you for at the end of the month.

But wait, that is not all there is to it!

We have also developed a unique system in which all members of Megalinx Mall benefit from the other stores. Here is how it works:

If you list your store in the directory you can take advantage of making additional income just for referring people into the mall. When you refer customers to other stores through the mall center, you end up earning at least 8% commission (each store can adjust their comission rate higher) per sale from that store. So each store listed gets an increase in traffic to their store and the more traffic the more likely each store owner can earn extra money.

To see a store front demo and to open a store of your own, visit Megalinx Mall.



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