EndlessOne Global Cards
EndlessOne Global Offers the Most Comprehensive Debit Card


We create and support custom card programs to meet a broad range of business needs and financial goals, including but not limited to: General Spend Cards, Corporate Reward Cards, Incentive Cards, Global Remittance Programs, Payout Programs, Benefits Cards, Government ID Cards and more.


What kind of card do we do?

Our proprietary card holder portal allows the following:

All of them . . .

We are providing the world with the most advanced prepaid card and the safest prepaid Debit Card. The EndlessOne Global Debit Card is a stored value card that is accepted worldwide.

Cardholders have access to a full suite of electronic money management tools. All cardholders receive an associated online eGlobalBank Account.

Our performance based revenue share model is amongst the most generous in the industry. Patented SAFE™ Technology provides a Dynamic CVV Security Code.

  • Lock / Unlock Card so only you can use it.
  • Request a Single Transaction CVV Code
  • Manage transactions on prepaid and virtual accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • Load / Unload cards and complete transfers in real time.
  • Seamlessly move funds between personal, family, or other accounts.
  • Cardholders using a distinctive SMS technology for card-to-card transfers.
  • Activate a card, check balances, view account history, set alerts.
  • Program security features and fully branded.
  • The general spend debit card allows an individual to have a virtual checking account and a routing number.
  • And much, much more.

General Spend Card

Benefit / Discount Cards

Credit Cards

The General Spend Card is a combination of all types of debit cards. It can be used as independent payroll for direct deposits as well as being loaded with a combination of rewards, incentives and discounts.

Discount Cards for Clubs

These are Club cards offering rewards and

discount programs for members which generally function to stimulate increased retail business.

Visa / MasterCard / Discover

Credit Cards are made available for those who qualify to spend someone else's money. We assist you in being a creditor and establish the relationships with the Networks to provide a turn-key operation.

Loyalty / Rewards Cards

Gift Cards

Prepaid Card Business

This card gives cash back, offers loyalty programs, and rewards for marketing efforts. The benefits generate loyal customer buying behavior which create more business for the card sponsor.

Loyalty programs are simply centralized virtual currency, store cash, and reward points that are exchangeable into goods and/or services (no cash back) including discounts off purchases.

Over 100 billion dollars are spent annually on Gift Cards with 93% of US consumers receiving at least one every year. Available nearly everywhere, these cards typically have a cash gift range of $25 to $500 with additional features including branding (Visa/ Master Card) and the option to be reloaded.

Gift Card funds are available immediately, no KYC (know your customer) equirements and no monthly or additional fees for the end user. Contrasted with a typical retail cards which come with activation fees, transaction fees, and reload fees.

Combining the convenience and acceptance of debit cards with the simplicity of cash means prepaid debit cards have endless possibilities.

Everything in our business is actually a payment card and/or a debit/credit card. The only difference is who puts the money in the bank to back the value on the cards.

Prepaid cards represent an opportunity for financial enterprises to further capitalize on the growth of debit cards, which have surpassed credit cards as the most popular form of electronic payment (by transaction volume).

Incentive Cards

Payout Cards

ID / Government Cards

Free Programs

Incentive cards backed by the networks: VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover Card®, and more, enabling hundreds of loyalty, rebate and incentive rewards programs to function at the same time, while tracking referrals and managing your personal, affiliate profit sharing program.

Custom tailored rewards incentives including any of the above listed cards and just about any combination of services you can imagine.

Custom and Designer Cards

Offer incentives to drive clients toward your business through Payout Cards which can be loaded with a one-time use incentive such as a $20.00 rebate at a grocery store.

This card program allows goods or services to be exchanged, but no refund back to cash.

Allows you to offer your company and its employees a wide variety of options by incorporating in-house rewards, company benefits, merger options with your company's security and ID needs, downloadable medical files, and more. Basically, any type company electronic data can be stored and accessed on the card's magnetic strip

Prepaid Cards

Corporate / Payroll Reward Card Solutions

They're safer than cash, more convenient than checks, and easier to obtain than credit or debit cards. Indeed, prepaid debit has the potential to radically impact the manner in which organizations deliver value and conduct business today.

Prepaid cards provide a growing source of non-interest income portfolios, providing ways to attract new customers, and strengthen existing relationships.

Additionally, the unique nature of prepaid cards provides a channel to nontraditional and the under-banked market segments, extending your reach into growing international marketplaces.

Payroll Cards offer solutions that are simple to issue, secure to use, and inexpensive to service.

As part of an electronic pay campaign, a payroll card can help your organization achieve

maximum payroll efficiencies and cost savings. At the same time your employees will benefit

from the flexibility and ease-of-use of the comdata that payroll cards provide.

  • Reduce costs associated with paper check production and distribution.
  • Decrease time spent on payroll administration.
  • Reduce unclaimed property reporting obligations.
  • Take advantage of instant card issuance and funding.
  • Leverage comprehensive cardholder training and support tools.
  • Incorporate meaningful rewards that make your employees happy.
  • Provide valuable employee benefits.
  • No monthly fees!