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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you support Coldfusion 8?

Yes, we support Adobe Coldfusion 8, and we have the latest updates installed.

Q. Do you have ASP, CGI, or Perl installed?

We offer Linux-based hosting, therefore we do not offer ASP in our hosting packages. However, if you want to host an ASP application, we can accomdate you on one of our Windows servers. Contact us if you want to host an ASP application. We support both CGI and Perl.

Q. Do I have to pay for a full year in advance?

No, we charge a monthly fee to host your site. You can cancel at any time.

Q. Are there any setup fees?

No, there are no setup fees. For our e-commerce hosting, there will be a one-time non-refundable setup fee.

Q. Which version of PHP do you have installed?

We are running PHP 5.

Q. I need a custom tag installed into the Coldfusion Administrator? Will you install it for me? If so, is there a charge?

We will look at the tag and see if it is something we can install on our servers without causing a security risk. If we can install it, there might be a charge depending on the complexity of the installation. Usually we will not charge extra for installation of a CF custom tag.

Q. For Coldfusion, will I have a custom tag folder of my own?

Yes, we will setup a folder and map it in the CF administrator.

Q. Do you support custom mappings in Coldfusion Administrator?

Yes, we will add a custom mapping if your application needs it.


Yes, all tags except CFEXECUTE and CFREGISTRY are enabled on your website. You can only use CFFILE and CFDIRECTORY on your own website. Files outside of your website root will be inaccessable.

Q. What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is similar to a sub-directory on your domain, except when you create a subdomain called "resellers" for example, you can then use an address such as: where the subdomain is in front of the domain name in the address. The URL would load the same page but without a subdomain, only the latter would work.

Q. What is an Add-On Domain?

An Add-On domain will allow you to host an additional domain name under the same web hosting account. It is accomplished by pointing the nameservers of the new domain name to the server and simply adding the Add-On domain in your Control Panel. You will then have a folder on your main domain that will contain all of the files and folders for the Add-On domain. We have recenlty added Add-On domain capability to most of our web hosting plans. For example, our Virtual Professional 200mb account is like having 2 web hosting accounts because it comes with (1) Add-On domain.

Q. What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a domain name pointed to one of our web servers and each one you setup in your Control Panel, will point to your homepage of your primary web hosting account. Parked domains have no other fuctionality.

Q. What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is amount of data transferred to and from a webhosting account. The most common examples of data transfer are:
- Files and images being requested by your visitor's web browsers.
- Files transferred to and from your domain using an FTP program.
- Email messages received and sent from your domain.
Bandwidth is renewed monthly and monitored every 24 hours. Our hosting accounts provide a very generous amount of bandwidth for your domains... more than most web hosts provide for the same size accounts!

Q. What is a Professional Follow-Up Autoresponder?

A professional Autoresponder is used by almost all internet marketers to help promote and sell their products and services. This type of autoresponder will allow you to build an email list automatically. It will allow your visitors to request information about your products or services and they will automatically send them follow-up messages at intervals you configure in your autoresponder menu.

Professional Autoresponder Features Include:
- Sends up to 52 automatic email messages.
- Handles both plain text and HTML formatted email messages.
- Supports both email or form submission to activate autoresponders.
- Supports email personalization with the prospects firstname, lastname, date
   and email address plus custom fields.
- Supports automatically inserted "UNSUBSCRIBE" links at the bottom of every
   outgoing email.
- Automatic email notifications are sent to inform you that your autoresponder
   has been triggered including the prospects name, email address ...also the
   name of the autoresponder. Plus the original e-mail sent to the autoresponder,
   never miss a question or sales chance again!

Some Menu Features Include:
- Easy-To-Use web based Client Menu ...complete with integrated help buttons.
- Autoresponders can be set-up, accessed and modified 24 hours a day.
- Complete Subscriber Reporting.
- Allows the ability to add and delete recipients manually.
- Generates html form code to add email capture forms to your web pages.
- The ability to build a list and run as an "Email List Server".
- Has "Import List" and "Mail List" functions. Can import your list and store in the
   database or import your list and start on any message!

You won't find professional autoresponders with other web hosts. Megalinx is proud to be able to offer these autoresponders to our web hosting customers. You will pay $5-$10 or more per month for EACH one of these autoresponders elsewhere. The autoresponders Megalinx provides you, are worth the cost of the hosting alone!

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