EndlessOne Global SAFE Technology

Secure Access For E-Commerce (SAFE) Technology, makes our cards the most secure online payment method available. The greatest threat to personal card security is through online or e-commerce transactions. Our cards come with unique patented technology providing cardholders with the most secure payment service in the world. SAFETechnology can be described as "dynamic CVV" technology. Dynamic CVV technology is the security equivalent of issuing a new credit or debit card for each transaction a cardholder makes. With this new technology, cardholders can easily generate and confirm, via a simple text message or email, a unique CVV code (Card Verification Value) for every card transaction.

Lock and Unlock Credit Card Access

SAFETechnology allows cardholders to instantly lock and unlock their cards via SMS. Cardholders can personalize the lock feature for ATM, POS, withdrawals, transfers, recurring payments, auto-lock and more.

Dynamic CVV Technology

SAFETechnology empowers cardholders to easily change their CVV code for one-time use. Through mobile authorization, SAFETechnology offers the most secure armored layer of security available for cardholders.

Ease of Implementation & Use

With SAFETechnology, no change to digital POS solutions are required. Additionally, there are no costly applications or service plug-ins. Everything is driven through the user's card and/or their smart-phones.

Step 1

Request a new CVV code for your current transactions


Step 2

Receive a new CVV code immediately


Step 3

Complete the transaction using the new code


Step 4

The new code expires after the sale is completed


Step 5

Cardholder may lock the card until the next transaction


Enterprise Ready with Unlimited Capability and Mobile Access.

EndlessOne Global's SAFETechnology supports any size implementation from thousands of cards to multi-millions, while also scaling to any country on nearly any phone. You can manage your card and security from a computer or any smart phone or mobile device.

- Make secure purchases and card to card transfers

- EndlessOne Global's Geotag* location database validates your IP registration information for every transaction

- Receive text messages or email alerts with balance information