Consolidated Payment Gateway

The EndlessOne Global Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG)

Payment Solutions that work for you!

The EndlessOne Global Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG) provides our clients with both off-the-shelf and customized payment options through a worldwide payment solutions platform tied to banks, card associations and payment processors. Working through our processors and banking relationships, EndlessOne Global provides a custom, one-stop solution for access and payments to international and domestic bank accounts, debit cards and other payment systems in more than 180 countries. The company also addresses a number of unique banking requirements by supplying payroll, personal spend, and expense reimbursement solutions to companies throughout the world. This allows employees, contractors, commissioned salespeople and vendors to be paid securely and on a timely basis. EndlessOne Global also supplies the backbone for many companies that deliver cross border remittance payments to beneficiaries throughout the world.



The CPG - a complimentary payroll and remittance solution program


1. Provide an international and domestic payment account for all employees, contractors, affiliates and suppliers in a timely and efficient system.

2. Conserve cash and eliminate checks while paying individual accounts in real time.

3. Supply a USD based and Euro based prepaid debit card to business associates who need it to access their cash at millions of ATM's and retailers globally.

4. Provide an alternate means of receiving their money to their bank account or directly to an existing debit or credit card.

5. Eliminate checks not received and reduce workforce calls into customer service.

6. Provide solutions to your most difficult payment challenges.

7. FX conversions in local country currency.

8. International and Domestic Merchant Processing.


The Value of the CPG System

Establishing and maintaining a successful global presence depends heavily on a company's banking relationships throughout the world. No longer can a company depend strictly on its corporate banker to manage its payments because they typically do not have a network to support the company's overall needs as an international organization. EndlessOne Global and its strategic partners have developed and are delivering a highly secure payments network to seamlessly pay a company's employees, members, suppliers and contractors wherever they are located in the world.


The business associate is provided with a very easy to use virtual account which they can configure to meet their specific payment needs. They can configure their account to send funds to their bank account (country dependent), a debit card, put a credit on a credit card, or send money to another person on the system.


In addition, EndlessOne Global also delivers a complete management console for the client to have all of the financial controls necessary to monitor payment activity throughout the world. This permission driven system gives the company a real-time picture of all payments in and out of the company along with the necessary cash management tools required in a growing company. This can be implemented by country, by division or at a single point of control or in any configuration required to control payments going out, as well as coming into the organization.


Whether operating in one country or many, EndlessOne Global delivers a secure payment network so that the client can send payments to its workforce located anywhere in the world, in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost. EndlessOne Global along with its partners deliver internet and mobile based payment solutions through its banking network in the currencies required by its clients. A key factor to its success is that EndlessOne Global provides its client with solutions tailored specifically to its business requirements, through secure and compliant technologies recognized worldwide.

Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG)

Multi-national companies with thousands of employees, distributors and their members located throughout the world, require an efficient and cost effective method for both making monetary payouts and receiving funds.  EndlessOne Global has introduced "EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank", the most efficient, industry leading web based payment system. EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank is fully scalable and currently available in over 180 countries.  With EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank, multi-national companies can now take advantage of unified access to the Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG) currently processing over $40B of transactions per year. Unlike many competitors, EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank is instantaneous.  Companies can upload funds in real-time to web-based accounts and provide individuals multiple options on receiving money.


Payments to Credit Cards and Debit Cards EndlessOne Global along with Visa and MasterCard, have created the ability to transfer funds to virtually every card in the world. Individuals can get paid as long as they have one of these branded cards issued by any bank globally.

Payments to a Prepaid Debit Card - for those individuals who don't have a credit or Debit Card, or they want access to their funds in real-time, they can order an EndlessOne Global Prepaid Discover Card, Visa Card, or MasterCard in the U.S. or international residents can apply for a Prepaid Visa Card or MasterCard and offshore bank account.

Payments to a Bank Account - funds can be transferred to a payee's checking or savings account via electronic funds transfer throughout the world from their EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank  account. Whether the payee is located within the European Union, Asia, India, Middle East, the United States or other countries throughout the world, transfers can be made  through the CPG on a timely basis and at the lowest cost.


(A lower cost solution for Direct Sales companies to offer their affiliate members  with an optional choice to pay for product and services other than credit and debit cards.)

Debit of U.S. Bank Account via ACH and funds are transferred to their EndlessOne Global CPG web-based account.

Debit of International Bank Accounts in those countries payment relationships exist and volumes permit.

Debit of Payment Processor Accounts - Solid Trust Pay is available and others are being added as required internationally.

Cash Loading - UKash (an international cash loading network) is available and others are being added as required internationally

Company Integration - through our application program interface (API), the CPG will be tightly integrated with the client's payment system to provide a seamless means of paying out to their people as well as receiving pay-ins as required by the business needs.

Why EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank?

It can help your company retain its competitive position and grow by providing multiple flexible payment solutions anywhere in the world.

Save money. EndlessOne Global eGlobalBank is the low cost solutions provider.

Eliminate unnecessary costs through consolidation of services.

Unlimited Scalability - the CPG currently processes over $40 Billion per year in transactions globally.

Complete Security - fully PCI and SSAE 16 compliant.

Unified access - fully integrated to seamlessly manage domestic and international payment needs.