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Company News

08.02.2009 - Megalinx Launches New Website

We have redesigned our website with a focus on providing more information about our products and services. In addition we are offering new hosting packages. We currently have an awesome deal right now, and you won't want to miss out on it! Now, every hosting customer gets a free XP Response Autoresponder! Most providers will charge you extra for this valuable service. Sometimes it can be an extra $19 or more a month just for an autoresponder. But at Megalinx we will provide one for you with a hosting account.

Check out our hosting rates here.

07.29.2009 - XP Response receives an Upgrade!

We are proud to announce a new upgrade to our XP Response Autoresponder Software. This new update adds a few new features and ehancments. Check out the XP Response website for more details. We are already planning on installing another upgrade in the coming weeks, which will add even more features to this powerful service.

Visit for more information.

07.27.2009 - Final Touches on CF Shopkart 5.4 in Progress

We are in the process of completing another update to our eComerece software, CF Shopkart! This new version will have a few updates and modfications, which were made based on feedback we got from our customers. We will make an announcement when the new version is completed. It is currently in beta testing.

Keep up on CF Shopkart here.

07.24.2009 - Megalinx Launches New Mini Site Builder!

To meet the requirements of a growing market and a need for mini-site building services, Megalinx has unveiled a new service: is an online mini-site builder designed to make mini-sites easy to build and to maintain. You can build multiple mini-sites with just one account. Why build mini-sites? They are a great way to promote a single product or service, build a mailing list, or to push traffic to your existing website. Multiple mini-websites has been shown to increase seach engine ranking and help drive traffic to a website.


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