EndlessOne Global Secure Money Transfers Affordable Worldwide Card-to-Card Money Transfers


With EndlessOne Global's worldwide Card-To-Card transfer systems, sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and clicking a few buttons to transfer funds instantly.

With EndlessOne Global's Card-To-Card Transfer systems sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and clicking a few buttons to transfer funds instantly.

Sending money to anyone in the world or transferring between your own personal cards is what our processors do millions of times a day. This process called remittance can generate significant profits, and becomes a steady ongoing revenue stream for our white label clients and franchisees.

EndlessOne Global's unique approach involves giving the card an account identity rather than the identity of the card holder being the basis for the account. Therefore, it is the card's account that can have a virtual checking/saving accounts and routing numbers, not the person. This distinction provides the highest degree of freedom in creating accounts and moving money to any country, quickly and inexpensively, with the ultimate in security and fewest restrictions.

Send Birthday Money to your sister, Emergency Cash to your son in college, or stash away some savings on your secondary card. Whatever your reason, you will enjoy the flexibility to send money instantly worldwide, or schedule a future transfer

EndlessOne Global Card-to-Card Transfer offers an affordable rate that is a fraction of the cost of wiring money. Quick, instant transfers are done in just 3 minutes time. You get the convenience of completing a transfer online, or from your mobile phone.


CARD TO CARD transfers Global Remittance Network

(Sending and Receiving Money Internationally)

  • Enables an interbank funds transfer service to enable (Person to Person) P2P transfers.
  • Transfers between account and cardholders in different countries.
  • Operates the inter-service switch between sending and receiving systems.
  • Transacts within a closed group of banks, accounts, card or wallet programs.
  • Shares in the gross margins of the service fees generated for the remittance activity.
  • The best markets are: Africa, the UK, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, EU and US.

A remittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to an individual in his or her home country. Remittance monies in developing countries sent home by migrants, as comparison to international aid fund transfers, register as some of the largest capital inflows in these countries. In 2012, according to the World Bank Report, $401 billion in aid funds were sent to developing countries with overall global remittances at $514 billion.

Through EndlessOne Global, remittance may be made by card-to-card transfers or eGlobalBank transfers rather than the more expensive and slow process of moving money from one country by older bank methods, such as SWIFT or Western Union for the everyday consumer.

EndlessOne Cambodia is a real world example of this system in action demonstrating tremendous potential benefits for many individuals working outside of the country and sending money home. Studies show a $110 million dollar market between the United States and Cambodia. The next highest transfers occur between France and Cambodia at $36 million.

The global issue reaches its greatest level of individual non-profitability in Africa, "Africa pays a 'remittance supertax' of nearly $2 billion a year due to the higher-than-average cost of sending money to the continent..." reported April 17th 2014 by the Financial Times ft.com. EndlessOne Global is perfectly positioned to fix this problem for Africa now.