EndlessOne Global Services

We create new card business and organize card programs as well as design and issue "Plastic" "White Label"

We process payments with proprietary software and patented security features and operate and manage servers for all forms of cards with money networks. EndlessOne Global provides full service wholesale card programs and is the leader in debit card technology innovation


We support a wide variety of custom card programs that can be designed to meet the needs of a wide range of business goals and strategies, including:

Software Provisioning

We are a processor and issuer for the plastic card industry worldwide. Moreover, EndlessOne Global's Experts engineer and develop card solutions to meet the needs of any type size or scope of client.


Network Relationships

EndlessOne Global is connected to the major Networks,Visa MasterCard, JCB, Discover and Diner's Club and we can establish and create white label payment cards of any kind anywhere in the world.


Payment Card Solutions

We provide branded and co-branded debit cards and all forms of services including but not limited to Payroll Cards, Gift Cards, General Spending Cards, Rewards Cards, Government ID Cards, Global Remittance Programs, Payout Programs, Benefit Cards and Loyalty Cards.


Secure Money Transfers

With EndlessOne Worldwide Card-To-Card Transfer systems sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and clicking a few buttons to transfer funds instantly.


eGlobalBank Software

Be your own Bank! - We have taken the eWallet to the next level. With multi-currency functionality, our banking software provides processing using next generation methods, our eGlobalBank System.


Global Remittance Programs

A remittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to an individual in his or her home country. Money sent home by migrants competes with international aid as some of the largest financial inflows to developing countries. In 2012, according to the World Bank Report, $401 billion went to developing countries with overall global remittances at $514 billion.